Senior Interclub 3 - 18th Jan 2015

Date: Sunday 18 January 2014

Time: 9:00am

Venue: Brighton SLSC

Event Information
Event Registration: 8:30am
Team Managers Briefing: 8:45am
Start Time: 9:00am
Low Tide: 9:21am
High Tide: 2:51pm

Further Information:
Sam Clutterbuck M: 0274571010


  • Beach Flags (Snr, Jnr)
  • Beach Sprints (Snr, Jnr)
  • Beach Relay (Snr, Jnr)
  • Craft Race (Canoe, Board or Ski) to Ocean View (flag on beach) and Back
  • Board Race (A,B,C)
  • Ski Race (Snr, Jnr)
  • Canoe Race (U19, O)
  • Surf Race (Snr, Jnr)
  • Board Race (Snr, Jnr)
  • Ski Race (Snr, Jnr)
  • Canoe Race (U19, O)
  • Taplin/Ironman (Snr, Jnr)

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