Surf Lifeguard Award Introductory Session - 30th Jul 2017

St Clair will be commencing another programme of lifeguard award training on Sunday, 30 July at 3pm.

This programme will provide the training required to gain your Surf Lifeguard Award, taught by our experienced instructors.

Some of the components that you will be learning are:

  • Setting up and participating in a partol
  • Signalling your fellow lifeguards
  • Reading the Surf (rip currents, swells and tides)
  • Basic First Aid and CPR
  • And many other fun Surf stuff!

To gain your Surf Lifeguard award for this coming Summer, you need to be at least 14 years old by December 2017

If you are interested in taking the Become a Surf Lifeguard course, please contact us at or the head instructor Chris Haig on 021 112 6043 for more details

Anyone wanting to take the course will also need to fill out a membership form available online.

You can view more information on the Surf Lifeguard award online.

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