2017 Southern Region Junior Champs - 16th Feb 2017

2017 Southern Region Junior Champs

An impressive squad of St Clair junior athletes take on the South Island best young life saving athletes at the annual Southern Region Junior Champs which are being held this weekend at Warrington Beach.

Following on from a great performance at the Otago Champs two weeks ago at Kaka Point our young up-and-coming athletes are looking to retain the overall title they won by a large margin in Christchurch last year.

Head Coach Ossian Woods has been working the squad well over the last five months and they are preparing nicely for tilts at the National Championships at the start of March in Mount Maunganui..

Competition across the age groups is expected to be fierce with a number of our young members expected to perform well.

Look out for some very close racing in the Under 14 Women's Age group where Charlotte Underwood-Nicol, Olivia Andrew and Erika Fairweather have shared wins throughout the season across the events, however the addition of the extra age groups sees Erika racing in the Under 13s with Emma Andrew and Mereana Martin who will be pushing her hard. The Under 14 Board Rescue event will be a great watch with four St Clair teams entered.

In the Under 13 Men's division Aidan McRae and Piere Tapsell have been close in a number of events and will enjoy the larger fields featuring visitors from north of the border, along with their team mates Sam Dorne-Cumming and Marshall Macready and Campbell Macdade.

Jade Fairweather is expected to feature in the results for the Under 12 Women's, but look for Emma Christophers (new to racing this year) to perform well, Lara Tyndall, Mia Stout and Shannya Macrae are also good St Clair athletes in this age group.

A whole host of athletes take part in the Under 12 Men's with Isaac Robertson and Ollie Sinclair looking strong in the beach events, Sam Steadman and Bailey Pearce will push each other along in the water events.

There will be some great battles in our youngest age groups with Rosie Falcous and Sophie Matehaere performing really well last weekend in the beach events at the Warrington competition.

All our junior athletes racing this weekend are:

  • Emma Andrew
  • Olivia Andrew
  • Emma Christophers
  • Ella Colquhoun
  • Grace Creighton
  • Samuel Dorne-Cumming
  • Erika Fairweather
  • Jade Fairweather
  • Lily Falcous
  • Rosie Falcous
  • Amelia Francis
  • Marcel Geytenbeek
  • Emma Herbert
  • Shilo Hogg
  • Freda Kawharu-Tapsell
  • Campbell Macdade
  • Aidan Macrae
  • Shannya Macrae
  • Francesca Macready
  • Marshall Macready
  • Mana Martin
  • Mereana Martin
  • Sophie Matehaere
  • Max McCaul
  • Hazel Mcdermott
  • Safia Mcleod
  • Isla Nicholson
  • Bailey Pearce
  • Olivia Pearce
  • Isaac Robertson
  • Ben Sinclair
  • Oliver Sinclair
  • Samuel Stedman
  • Harrison Stout
  • Mia Stout
  • Piere Tapsell
  • Marley Thompson
  • Kale Twist
  • Lara Tyndall
  • Sam Tyndall
  • Charlotte Underwood-Nicol

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