Otago/Southland Prize Giving - 17th Jun 2013

A number of St Clair members were recognised at the 2013 Otago / Southland Surf Life Saving Awards of Excellence.

The night's top award, Volunteer of the Year, was awarded to James Coombes of the St Clair Surf Life Saving Club.

Rescue of the Year was awarded to St Clair and St Kilda Clubs. The rescue took place outside the patrol area and involved at the peak, four IRB's and the Rescue helicopter, click here for more information on this rescue.

Award recipients from St Clair were:

  • Top Club of the Year
  • Les Jordan Memorial Trophy - James Coombes
  • Duke Gillies Memorials Trophy (Coach of the Year) - James Coombes
  • Sports Person of the Year - Andrew McMillan
  • Sport Team of the Year - Carla and Stephanie Laughton, Natasha Scott
  • Instructor of the Year - Stephanie Botting
  • Official of the Year - Dennis Trembath
  • Rescue of the Year - St Clair and St Kilda February 2013
  • Wilson Distillers Trophy (Top Competition Club Otago Sand Championships)
  • Lion Trophy (Top Open Men Club Otago Championships)
  • Mark Price Trophy (Top Open Women Club Otago Championships)
  • Otago SLAS Trophy (Top U19 Men Club Otago Championships)
  • U19 Women's Competition (Top U19 Women Club Otago Championships)
  • Dunedin Festival Cup (Open Ironman Otago Championships) - Adam Simpson
  • JC Gore Trophy (Open Iron women Otago Championships) - Steph Laughton
  • Friendship Cup (U19 Ironman Otago Championships) - Angus MacKenzie
  • Festival Trophy (Open Male Taplin Otago Championships)
  • Douglas Whitson Memorial Cup (Open Tube Rescue Otago Championships) - Sam Riddell, Adam Simpson
  • St Kilda Borough Trophy (Open Surf Teams Race Otago Championships)
  • Top U21 IRB Crew Otago Championships - Niam Chronican, Scott Fraser, Gabrielle Scott
  • Top Senior IRB Crew Otago Championships - Michael Crombie, Isaac Davies, Sam Riddell
  • Top Women IRB Crew Otago Championships - Stephanie, Carla Laughton, Natasha Scott
  • Vorrath Reid Trophy (Open Men Canoe Race Otago Championships)
  • Esplanade Restaurant Trophy Open Men Top Competitor at Otago Championships - Adam Simpson
  • Esplanade Restaurant Trophy Open Women Top Competitor at Otago Championships - Stephanie Laughton
  • Esplanade Restaurant Trophy U19 Men Top Competitor at Otago Championships - Angus MacKenzie
  • Esplanade Restaurant Trophy U19 Women Top Competitor at Otago Championships - Jessie Schneiders
  • Esplanade Restaurant Trophy U16 Men Top Competitor at Otago Championships - Andrew Trembath
  • Under 14 Interclub Trophy
  • Otago Youth Surf Life Saving (Top Club Otago Championships)
  • Top U8 Boy Otago Championships- Ollie Sinclair
  • Top U10 Girl Otago Championships- Olivia Andrew
  • Top U10 Boy Otago Championships- Piere Tapsell
  • Top U12 Girl Otago Championships- Hannah Matehaere
  • Richard Murray Trophy (Top Junior Girl Otago Championships) - Olivia Andrew
  • Richard Murray Trophy (Top Junior Boy Otago Championships) - Piere Tapsell
  • Overall Otago Top Senior Girl Otago Championships - Hannah Matehaere

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