Commitment to Club no Chore - 30th Sep 2015

Commitment to Club no Chore

The great work that our Club Committee members do sometimes isn't always appreciated alongside the other great achievement of our club.

Read a little bit about the motivation for being on the committee from Property Convenor Cam Burrow.

"When I graduated to the Under 16 ranks of in the St Clair Surf Life Saving Club I never envisaged myself having an active role on the Club’s committee or playing a part in the delivery of surf lifesaving to the Otago region. However when Mace Introduced me to the club committee as the Under 19 male rep 4 years ago I caught a bug that I haven’t been able to get rid of.

The bug I talk about is the passion for the Surf Lifesaving movement and the ideals it stands for. To me surf is more than just a community service, a sport, a way to get fit and a way to fill in your weekends. To many others and myself, Surf is a lifestyle choice that grants you with endless opportunities to try new things, meet new people and have fun with your mates.

I still remember as a fresh Under 16 Mace coming up to me after a days patrolling and saying “you’re going to be on the committee next year”. With little understanding for what I was getting myself into I told him I would give it a crack and see what it’s all about. After a year of listening and learning I gained more confidence and began contributing at meetings and trying to make a difference. Now I find myself being heavily involved with the day to day running of the Club and trying to find ways to keep satisfying the Club’s members.

From the outside I never thought there was much involved in running organisations like Surf Clubs however after a few seasons of seeing how hard the core group of the committee work to keep things ticking over smoothly I soon realised that if I wanted to join this inner circle of the club I would need to being doing surf club stuff everyday to keep on top of it all. However all though there’s a lot of commitment involved it rarely feels like a chore, it becomes something you enjoy as you see the clubs members enjoy what our Club has to offer.

Being involved in sports administration especially in a sport like surf has many challenges, as you are constantly dealing with people who often see things different to the way you see them. I have really enjoyed this aspect of committee work as you are trying to encourage people’s passion while trying to direct that passion in the right direction. I think that these interpersonal and communicating skills have benefited me significantly with my university studies and employment endeavours as I have greater problem solving ability and have an understanding of how to follow processes. Furthermore my involvement in the St Clair committee has allowed me to be involved in both the local sport and lifeguarding committees and in the later case being the Chairman of the LLC, which for a 20 year old I’m pretty proud of.

I believe more younger people should get involved in helping around the surf club or other sporting movements as I believe it helps you get the necessary skills and a point of difference when looking for my first job opportunities. I also think it allows you to see a different side of the lifestyle we all love. One of my biggest highlights as been being a team manger at national events and seeing the club succeed to such a high standard moreover being in a canoe crew with your mates and going well at a national level are moments that you appreciate." - Cam Burrow

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