Interclub Chair's Review Tomahawk - 6th Dec 2016

Interclub Chair's Review Tomahawk

Season greetings to all our members and supporters, having attended the recent interclub event at Tomahawk involving our junior and senior members I decided I would provide a review highlighting the awesome efforts of everyone.

As a club member I was immensely proud of the way everyone conducted themselves on the beach and the determined but fair approaches to racing is a great positive for our club.

Some of the highlights from across the age groups were:

Senior Men

A reasonable spread of athletes in the Under 19 and Under 16 age groups; the Wolf brothers Max and Nathan had a number of battles across the day sharing wins in the surf race (Max)and board race (Nathan) with Nathan having superior nous to win the Diamond. Alex Thomson had a good day on the board taking a couple of seconds and winning the board relay. Good performances in messy conditions from Struan Campbell, Nathan Martin and Josh McGregor.

Senior Women

Like the men a good mix in Under 19 and Under 16 age groups. Devon Familton had a good day being at the front or near to it in most of the races, and showing great skills to take out the surf race. Lucy Matehaere Carina Donegan and Olivia Gold were ever present in all races and Annie Kennedy-Atchison and Anaia Wiparata as Under 16 athletes pushed the older athletes hard all day.

Under 14 Boys

The boys are a very competitive unit on the beach and in the water, their hard training under Head Juniors Coach Ossian Woods is now paying off. Standout performances from Kale Twist in the water (3 firsts), Piere Tapsell on the sand (2 firsts) and Aiden McRae with overall consistency (4 seconds).

Under 14 girls

A hotly contested age group this year, and the girls have shown themselves to be fierce competitors. No easy races. The top 3 this week were Charlotte Underwood-Nicol, Olivia Andrew and Erica Fairweather, but we have another 5 clicking at their heels. Look out for Olivia Pearce, the two Emma's (Andrew and Herbert) and Mereana Martin, who are all still getting used to moving to a bigger board. Newcomers Zoe McCane and Ellie Jones competed just in the sand events with Zoe getting 4th in the sprint.

Under 12 Girls

Jade Fairweather is setting the bar high in the U12 events, but newcomer Emma Christophers looks up for the challenge and had a superb event. Sophie Matehaere, Rosie Falcous, Freda Tapsell were welcomed to their first year Under 12, and they showed some grit in some messy surf.

Under 12 Boys

7 boys were competing in this age group, new recruit Max Jones did well in his first ever sand events, competing well in the sprints final. Isaac Robertson had a win in the sprints, Ollie Sinclair took out the beach flags over George Godbaz a hotly contested final. Ethan McGregor had a strong swim. Bailey Pearce and Sam Stedman shared first and second places in the water events, in particular an outstanding battle in the board race, decided in the run up the beach.

Under 10’s Boys and Girls

The u10's as a group managed themselves with great integrity, listening, respecting the new boards, and putting in their very best effort.

It was great to see some new blood (Seren Watts and Max McCaul), put in grit and determination. Max making it through many heats in flags. Lucas McLeod, Marley Thompson and Sam Tyndall really stepped up this year and were most improved. The girls were strong with some outstanding performances from Lily Falcous, Francesca Macready, Safia McLeod . Harrison Stout's speed on land and water is to be noted.

Under 8 Boys and Girls

5 under 8 boys and girls competed in their very first competition! They all performed very well, putting into practice the skills they have been working so hard on developing at Saturday training, and it was great to see big smiles mixed in with the war faces as they gave it their all.

A big thank you also to our officials who contributed to a well run event and all our supporters who came along on the day; our next event is the Friday night twilight being held at St Clair followed by seperate interclub events the weekend after.

James Coombes, Club Chair - with contributions from our junior surf age group managers.

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