St Clair Surf Life Saving Club News Feed St Clair Surf Life Saving Club St Clair Prize Giving<p>On the back of our most succesful seasons in our proud history, multiple national medal winner Olivia Gold walked away with the presigtious Cameron Cup for Best All round Surfer, her efforts accross a number of events saw her take the trophy ahead of several other worthy candidates.&nbsp;</p> <p>The <em>Jubilee Cup for Most Industrious</em> was awarded to Brent Wolf for his work in redeveloping and adminstering our Surf Sports programme; with the <em>Centenary Cup for Outstanding Achievement</em> going to the winners of the Under 14 Brick Relay event at National Pool Champs, Olivia Andrew, Erika Fairweather, Charlotte Underwood-Nicol and Madison WIlls.</p> <p>Some of the other highlights for the night were:</p> <ul> <li>Chris Haig winning the <em>Owen Dolan Cup</em> for top patroller</li> <li>Matthew Bradley taking home the <em>Opie Masion Cup</em> for being an outstanding young leader in the club.</li> <li>Briar Taylor and Maysha Ahrens retaining the the<em> Carla and Stephaine Laughton Cup for Top Women&#39;s Powercraft Crew</em> and winning the <em>Darryl Fairbairn Cup for Top Powercraft Crew.</em></li> </ul> <p><a href="/files/527/file/Club-Trophy-List-2016-2017-pdf" data-object-ref="file:527">View the full list of trophies awarded</a>.</p>1494936000 Clair Prize Giving St Clair Earns Second Place at IRB Nationals<p>Following on from great success last season, the St Clair IRB team has finished the annual National Championships in second place overall. The team was only beaten by the strong Port Waikato Club, Sunset Beach and was the clear winner of the Top South Island Club.</p> <p>Overall St Clair won eight medals, including three Gold Medals, all of which were achieved in the Mass Rescue event.</p> <p>Arthur Ibbotson and Heath Ratten also won the Opunake Cup for Top Senior Crew.</p> <p>Medals won were:</p> <p><strong>Gold</strong></p> <ul> <li>Womens Mass Rescue; Briar Taylor, Maysha Ahrens, Brenna Ahrens, Alesha Ahrens and Anaia Wiparata</li> <li>Senior Mass Rescue; Arthur Ibbotson, Heath Ratten, Breena Ahrens, Alesha Ahrens and Anaia Wiparata</li> <li>Under 21 Mass Rescue; Silas Kemp, Nelson Mears, James Coombes, Brenna Ahrens and Celia Bell</li> </ul> <p><strong>Silver</strong></p> <ul> <li>Senior Assembly Rescue; Niam Chronican, Scott Fraser and Celia Bell</li> </ul> <p><strong>Bronze</strong></p> <ul> <li>Womens Tube Rescue; Mikayla Garforth, Heather Thompson and James Coombes</li> <li>Womens Single Rescue; Briar Taylor, Maysha Ahrens and Brenna Ahrens</li> <li>Womens Mass Rescue; Mikayla Garforth, Heather Thompson, James Coombes Lucy Duncan and Celia Bell</li> <li>Under 21 Assembly Rescue; Silas Kemp, Nelson Mears and James Coombes</li> </ul>1492257600 Clair Earns Second Place at IRB Nationals Promising Season Results in Four Medals<p>A promising season rebuilding saw the St Clair seniors take out four medals at the National Championships held at New Brighton Beach in mid-March.</p> <p>Our strong Under 19 Girls team won two of the medals with Silver in the Surf Teams race which was highlighted by a fifth place finish by Under 14 athlete Olivia Andrew (along with Olivia Gold, Devon Familton and Carina Donegan); and Bronze in the Tube Rescue Race.</p> <p>The tight Under 19 Mens group showed a glimpse of the future with a strong third place in the Board Relay.</p> <p>Our other medal came via Max Wolf who finished third in the Under 16 Ironman race.</p>1491652800 Season Results in Four Medals Good results acheived at Oceans 17<p>A strong St Clair team of 24 which featured many of the athletes who had dominated the South Island Champs travelled to Oceans 17 (Under 14 Nationals ) at Mount Manganui.</p> <p>Overall St Clair finished in fourteenth place with a total of five medals won.</p> <p>Rising Pool and Surf Life Saving star Erika Fairweather contribute four with her wins in the Run Swim Run, Surf Race and Diamond Race, and a second place in the Tube Rescue with Olivia Andrew; Aidan Macrae won St Clair&#39;s other medal with a Bronze in the Under 13 Beach Sprint.</p>1490958000 results acheived at Oceans 17 Passing of Peter Bentley<p>Sadly St Clair reports that Life Member, Peter Bentley passed away early on Sunday, 18 February at his home in Christchurch surrounded by his family.</p> <p>Peter was a life member, former club chairman, instructor, mentor and friend to many.</p> <p>Thoughts are with his family, Carol, Louise, Andrea and Hayden who were all actively involved with the club over many years.</p> <p>Messages may be addressed to The Family of the late Peter Bentley, c/-P.O&gt; Box 39-001, Christchurch 8545.</p> <p>A service to celebrate Peter&#39;s life will be held in at the Westpark Chapel, 467 Wairakei Road, Burnside, Christchurch on Friday, 24 February at 2pm.</p>1487674800 of Peter Bentley 2017 Southern Region Junior Champs<p>An impressive squad of St Clair junior athletes take on the South Island best young life saving athletes at the annual Southern Region Junior Champs which are being held this weekend at Warrington Beach.</p> <p>Following on from a great performance at the Otago Champs two weeks ago at Kaka Point our young up-and-coming athletes are looking to retain the overall title they won by a large margin in Christchurch last year.</p> <p>Head Coach Ossian Woods has been working the squad well over the last five months and they are preparing nicely for tilts at the National Championships at the start of March in Mount Maunganui..</p> <p>Competition across the age groups is expected to be fierce with a number of our young members expected to perform well.</p> <p>Look out for some very close racing in the Under 14 Women&#39;s Age group where Charlotte Underwood-Nicol, Olivia Andrew and Erika Fairweather have shared wins throughout the season across the events, however the addition of the extra age groups sees Erika racing in the Under 13s with Emma Andrew and Mereana Martin who will be pushing her hard. The Under 14 Board Rescue event will be a great watch with four St Clair teams entered.</p> <p>In the Under 13 Men&#39;s division Aidan McRae and Piere Tapsell have been close in a number of events and will enjoy the larger fields featuring visitors from north of the border, along with their team mates Sam Dorne-Cumming and Marshall Macready and Campbell Macdade.</p> <p>Jade Fairweather is expected to feature in the results for the Under 12 Women&#39;s, but look for Emma Christophers (new to racing this year) to perform well, Lara Tyndall, Mia Stout and Shannya Macrae are also good St Clair athletes in this age group.</p> <p>A whole host of athletes take part in the Under 12 Men&#39;s with Isaac Robertson and Ollie Sinclair looking strong in the beach events, Sam Steadman and Bailey Pearce will push each other along in the water events.</p> <p>There will be some great battles in our youngest age groups with Rosie Falcous and Sophie Matehaere performing really well last weekend in the beach events at the Warrington competition.</p> <p>All our junior athletes racing this weekend are:</p> <ul> <li>Emma Andrew</li> <li>Olivia Andrew</li> <li>Emma Christophers</li> <li>Ella Colquhoun</li> <li>Grace Creighton</li> <li>Samuel Dorne-Cumming</li> <li>Erika Fairweather</li> <li>Jade Fairweather</li> <li>Lily Falcous</li> <li>Rosie Falcous</li> <li>Amelia Francis</li> <li>Marcel Geytenbeek</li> <li>Emma Herbert</li> <li>Shilo Hogg</li> <li>Freda Kawharu-Tapsell</li> <li>Campbell Macdade</li> <li>Aidan Macrae</li> <li>Shannya Macrae</li> <li>Francesca Macready</li> <li>Marshall Macready</li> <li>Mana Martin</li> <li>Mereana Martin</li> <li>Sophie Matehaere</li> <li>Max McCaul</li> <li>Hazel Mcdermott</li> <li>Safia Mcleod</li> <li>Isla Nicholson</li> <li>Bailey Pearce</li> <li>Olivia Pearce</li> <li>Isaac Robertson</li> <li>Ben Sinclair</li> <li>Oliver Sinclair</li> <li>Samuel Stedman</li> <li>Harrison Stout</li> <li>Mia Stout</li> <li>Piere Tapsell</li> <li>Marley Thompson</li> <li>Kale Twist</li> <li>Lara Tyndall</li> <li>Sam Tyndall</li> <li>Charlotte Underwood-Nicol</li> </ul>1487156400 Southern Region Junior Champs 2017 Otago Senior and Junior Champs Results<p>Saturday, 4 February at Kaka Point for the first time featured both the Senior and Junior Otago Champs on the same day. St Clair performed extremely well in both age groups comfortabling winning the Junior event and leading all age groups overall in the Senior event with three swim specific events (Board and Tube Rescue and Run Swim Run) still to be held in early March.</p> <p><a href="/files/516/file/2017-Otago-Senior-Championships-4th-February-Kaka-Point-pdf" data-object-ref="file:516">Otago Senior Results</a></p> <p><a href="/files/515/file/2017-Otago-Junior-Championships-4th-February-Kaka-Point-pdf" data-object-ref="file:515">Otago Junior Results</a></p> <p>Some of the highlights from across the age groups were:</p> <p><strong>Senior Men</strong></p> <p>Nathan Wolf performed well all day and on several occassions raced in both the Under 19 and Open events to gain more race experience. His only individual races in the water where he was defeated were the Open Ski Race won by Ryan Shanks and the Under 19 Board Race won by Hamish Trembath. The other Under 19 placings were shared between Hamish, Lachie and Bailey Brandham and Alex Thomson. &nbsp;</p> <p>Max Wolf performed well in the Under 16 age group winning all the water events except the Ski Race which was won by promising kayak paddler Jackson Aluesi. Ben Hayward featured among the results in all the beach events.</p> <p><strong>Senior Women</strong></p> <p>Returning former New Zealand Champion Steph Laughton picked up several titles on the day. Lucy Matehaere was also in good form winning the Open and Under 19 Ski titles. Annie Kennedy-Atchison and Anaia Wiparata did well in the Under 16 events with Annie also winning the Under 19 Ironwomen in a great race with Lucy, junior member and new lifeguard Olivia Andrew boasted a number of teams and also won the Under 16 Diamond race.</p> <p><strong>Under 14 Boys</strong></p> <p>Aidan Macrae and Piere Tapsell shared the winnings in some close racing in the Under 14 age group. Campbell Macdade combined with Adian and Piere to take out the Board Relay.</p> <p><strong>Under 14 girls</strong></p> <p>The Under 14 girls event saw a similar sharing of winnings as the Under 14 boys with Charlotte Underwood-Nicol taking out three titles (both beach events and the Board Race) and Erika Fairweather the other three (surf race, run swim run and diamond). The team events were dominated by the various St Clair combinations.</p> <p><strong>Under 12 Girls</strong></p> <p>Jade Fairweather performed well in the Under 12 girls winning all but one of the individual events, with the exception being the Beach Flags which were won by Rosie Falcous. Rosie, Shannya Macrae, Emma Christophers and Sophie Matehaere picked up placings in the various races.</p> <p><strong>Under 12 Boys</strong></p> <p>The Under 12 boys featured a number of close races with Bailey Pearce and Sam Stedman sharing wins in the water events. Isaac Robertson was strong in the beach events winning both the sprints and the flags.</p> <p><strong>Under 10&rsquo;s Boys and Girls</strong></p> <p>Harrison Stout was the best performed St Clair member overall in the Under 10 boys winning the Diamond and placing in several other events. Safia McLeod and Francesca Macready were stand outs in the Under 10 girls with Safia winning four events.</p> <p><strong>Under 8 Boys and Girls</strong></p> <p>Ella Colquhoun won all the U8 girls events: flags, sprints, run-wade-run, board race and diamond.</p> <p>James Coombes, Club Chair - with contributions from our junior surf age group managers.</p>1487156400 Otago Senior and Junior Champs Results 2017 Otago Senior and Junior Champs<p>The 2017 Otago Senior and Junior Championships are being held this Saturday at Kaka Point Beach.</p> <p>For the first time in a number of years the events have been combined together for an exciting event which will see our youngest members rubbing shoulders with our more senior athletes.</p> <p>In the Senior age groups, 36 athletes are entered with a good spread across all the age groups; including particularly strong numbers in the Under 16 ages. For several athletes this will be their first senior Otago Championships included in that group are experienced members Brent Wolf, Joel Tyndall and Greg McLeod. This year also sees the return to racing for one of St Clair&#39;s most successful national title holders Stephanie Laughton, back in New Zealand after two years overseas.</p> <p>Senior athletes expected to feature in their age groups are Ryan Shanks (Open Men), Nathan Wolf (Under 19 Men), Lucy Matehaere and Devon Familton (Under 19 Women), Max Wolf and Jackson Aluesi (Under 16 Men) and Anaia Wiparata and Annie Kennedy-Atchison (Under 16 Women). Several of these mentioned athletes performed to high standard last weekend at Eastern Region Champs in Mount Maunganui, with Lucy and Devon who did not race last weekend national medal holders from last season.<br /> They are of course supported by club mates across the age groups, who will be racing hard to win both Individual and Team titles.</p> <p>In the Junior age groups, an impressive 42 athletes are entered to race under the St Clair cap. Strongest representation is in the older age groups of Under 14 and Under 12, however the club is still able to field teams in all events able to be contested with the exception of the Under8 Age groups.</p> <p>As has been the case with events already contested this year, the Under 14 girls age group is expected to be hotly contested with New Zealand title holders Erika Fairweather, Olivia Andrew and Charlotte Underwood-Nicol all entered in multiple events; with the club also able to field a further 5 athletes in that age group. The Under 14 Boys age group will be contested by 6 St Clair athletes with Aidan Macrae and Piere Tapsell showing good form already this season. Under 12 Girls contains good numbers with this group led by mulitple New Zealand title holder Jade Fairweather and their male counterparts featuring speedy young board paddlers Bailey Pearce and Sam Stedman. Our junior age groups are rounded out by keen young athletes in the Under 10 and Under 8 age groups.</p> <p>The Full list of those racing is:</p> <p><strong>Seniors</strong></p> <ul> <li>Jackson Aluesi</li> <li>Grace Blackie</li> <li>Bailey Brandham</li> <li>Lachlan Brandham</li> <li>Cameron Burrow</li> <li>Struan Campbell</li> <li>James Coombes</li> <li>Joel Davies</li> <li>Carina Donegan</li> <li>Lucy Duncan</li> <li>Devon Familton</li> <li>Ben Hayward</li> <li>Annie Kennedy Atchison</li> <li>Stephanie Laughton</li> <li>Greg Macleod</li> <li>Nathan Martin</li> <li>Hannah Matehaere</li> <li>Lucy Matehaere</li> <li>Richard Murray</li> <li>Devon Olsen</li> <li>Sebastian Prescott</li> <li>Ryan Shanks</li> <li>Michael Trembath</li> <li>Anaia Wiparata</li> <li>Brent Wolf</li> <li>Max Wolf</li> <li>Nathan Wolf</li> <li>Ossian Woods</li> </ul> <p><strong>Juniors</strong></p> <ul> <li>Chandrae Alberts</li> <li>Emma Andrew</li> <li>Olivia Andrew</li> <li>Emma Christophers</li> <li>Ella Colquhoun</li> <li>Grace Creighton</li> <li>Ella Rose Crooks</li> <li>Samuel Dorne-Cumming</li> <li>Erika Fairweather</li> <li>Jade Fairweather</li> <li>Lily Falcous</li> <li>Rosie Falcous</li> <li>Amelia Francis</li> <li>Charlie Haig</li> <li>Emma Herbert</li> <li>Freda Kawharu-Tapsell</li> <li>Campbell Macdade</li> <li>Lucas Macleod</li> <li>Aidan Macrae</li> <li>Shannya Macrae</li> <li>Francesca Macready</li> <li>Marshall Macready</li> <li>Mereana Martin</li> <li>Sophie Matehaere</li> <li>Hazel Mcdermott</li> <li>Safia Mcleod</li> <li>Liam Neal</li> <li>Isla Nicholson</li> <li>Bailey Pearce</li> <li>Olivia Pearce</li> <li>Isaac Robertson</li> <li>Ben Sinclair</li> <li>Oliver Sinclair</li> <li>Samuel Stedman</li> <li>Harrison Stout</li> <li>Mia Stout</li> <li>Piere Tapsell</li> <li>Marley Thompson</li> <li>Kale Twist</li> <li>Lara Tyndall</li> <li>Sam Tyndall</li> <li>Charlotte Underwood-Nicol</li> </ul>1486033200 Otago Senior and Junior Champs 2017 Eastern Region Champs<p>Sixteen St Clair athletes attended the 2017 Eastern Region Champs last weekend.</p> <p>Overall the team returned home with three medals won, a significant number of finals achieved and valuable race experience leading in to the Nationals in March.</p> <p>Senior athlete Carina Doyle retained her Open Womens Surf Race and Run Swim Run titles with Under 19 athlete Nathan Wolf picking up third place in the Under 19 Mens Surf Race.</p> <p>St Clair&#39;s other top ten results were:</p> <ul> <li>Carina Doyle and Olivia Gold, 7th: Open Womens Board Rescue</li> <li>Olivia Gold, 7th: Under 19 Womens Surf Race</li> <li>Olivia Gold, 8th: Under 19 Womens Ironwomen</li> <li>Maddison Crawford, Jody Mowat, Carina Donegan and Annie Kennedy-Atchison, 6th: Under 19 Womens Surf Teams</li> <li>Nathan Wolf, 4th: Under 19 Mens Ironman</li> <li>Nathan Wolf, Hamish Trembath and Alex Thomson, 9th: Under 19 Mens Board Relay</li> <li>Max Wolf, 6th: Under 16 Mens Ironman</li> <li>Jackson Aluesi, 8th: Under 16 Mens Ski Race</li> </ul> <p>The St Clair team consisted of:</p> <p>James Coombes, Carina Doyle, Nathan Wolf, Hamish&nbsp;Trembath, Liam McKillop, Alex Thomson, Olivia Gold, Maddison Crawford, Carina Donegan, Jody Mowat, Max Wolf, Struan Campbell, Ben Hayward, Jackson Aluesi, Annie Kennedy-Atchison and Anaia Wiparata.</p> <p>The team was supported by coach Barry Vienvleit and managers David Thomson, Brent Wolf and Andrea Wolf.</p>1485255600 Eastern Region Champs