St Clair Surf Life Saving Club News Feed St Clair Surf Life Saving Club End of Patrol Season<p>Last Sunday (11 March) marked the end of the volunteer patrol season. A better summer meant that patrol statistics were up with larger crowds seen at the beach than has been in the case in the last ten years.</p> <p>St Clair completed eleven rescues over the season, with another 40 first aid assists and nearly a thousand preventative actions.</p> <p>Our patrols will resume again on Saturday, 27 October 2018.</p>1521025200 of Patrol Season 2018 SLSNZ Ocean Athletes<p>A strong St Clair squad starts racing today at the 2018 SLSNZ Ocean Athletes (Under 14 Championships) being hosted by Orewa.</p> <p>Over the last seven years St Clair has steadily improved its overall ranking is now able to send sixteen athletes to race at an event which features overall nine hundred athletes from around the country.</p> <p>The change in location to the flatwater conditions at Orewa create a challenge for atheltes based at a beach with strong consistent surf conditions but they have worked hard on their flat water skills over the last six months and there are several medal prospects among the group.</p> <p><a href="">Live results</a> will be available throughout the weekend with particular highlights published on our Facebook page.</p> <p>All our junior athletes racing this weekend are:</p> <ul> <li>Emma Andrew</li> <li>Emma Christophers</li> <li>Grace Creighton</li> <li>Erika Fairweather</li> <li>Jade Fairweather</li> <li>Rosie Falcous</li> <li>Aidan Macrae</li> <li>Marshall Macready</li> <li>Mereana Martin</li> <li>Sophie Matehaere</li> <li>Bailey Pearce</li> <li>Olivia Pearce</li> <li>Isaac Robertson</li> <li>Samuel Stedman</li> <li>Piere Tapsell</li> <li>Kale Twist</li> </ul>1519815600 SLSNZ Ocean Athletes Southern Region Junior Champs<p>An 27 strong squad of St Clair junior athletes take on the South Island best young life saving athletes at the annual Southern Region Junior Champs which are being held this weekend in Christchurch</p> <p>Fresh off dominating their Otago rivals at the recent local championships, the group will be looking to retain the overall Southern Region title they won in impressive style last year in Dunedin.</p> <p>Competition across the age groups is expected to be fierce with a number of our young members expected to perform well.</p> <p>Look out for some very close racing in the Under 14 Women&#39;s Age group where Erika Fairweather, Grace Creighton, Emma Andrew and Mereana Martin form a formidable grouping. Their younger team mates Jade Fairweather, Emma Christophers, Sophie Matehaere and Francesca MacReady are also expected to feature among the medals in their age groups.&nbsp;</p> <p>In the Under 14 Men&#39;s division Aidan McRae, Piere Tapsell, Kale Twist and Marshall MacReady all different strenghts and will push hard for overall honours in the age group.</p> <p>A whole host of athletes take part in the Under 12 Men&#39;s with Sam Steadman and Bailey Pearce will push each other along in the water events.</p> <p>All our junior athletes racing this weekend are:</p> <ul> <li>Emma Andrew</li> <li>Emma Christophers</li> <li>Ella Colquhoun</li> <li>Grace Creighton</li> <li>Samuel Dorne-Cumming</li> <li>Erika Fairweather</li> <li>Jade Fairweather</li> <li>Lily Falcous</li> <li>Rosie Falcou</li> <li>Freda Kawharu-Tapsell</li> <li>Aidan Macrae</li> <li>Shannya Macrae</li> <li>Francesca Macready</li> <li>Marshall Macready</li> <li>Mereana Martin</li> <li>Sophie Matehaere</li> <li>Bailey Pearce</li> <li>Albert Reed</li> <li>Frederick Reed</li> <li>Isaac Robertson</li> <li>Samuel Stedman</li> <li>Harrison Stout</li> <li>Mia Stout</li> <li>Piere Tapsell</li> <li>Isaac Thompson</li> <li>Marley Thompson</li> <li>Kale Twist</li> </ul>1518692400 Region Junior Champs 2018 Otago Senior and Junior Champs<p>The 2018 Otago Senior and Junior Championships are being held this weekend at Warrington and Waikouati Beaches. The Seniors will race on Saturday at Warrington and will then be joined at Waikouati by the Juniors for the programme on Sunday.</p> <p>In the Senior age groups, a hefty 44 athletes are entered with a good spread across all the age groups; including particularly strong numbers in the Under 19 ages. There will be a number of athletes racing in their first Senior Otago Champs with particular notice given to the strong Under 16 female grouping of Olivia Andrew, Charlotte Underwood-Nicol and Olivia Pearce. A testament to the strength of the club is that three of our more experienced athletes Devon Familton, Olivia Gold and Ryan Shanks are all unable to compete due to injury.</p> <p>In the Junior age groups, precise numbers are not available but there has been a good attendance at recent interclubs and St Clair has featured at the pointy end of the results in most age groups. Multiple New Zealand title holder Erika Fairweather headlines a strong Under 14 Girls age group with the club able to call upon another half dozen athletes in that age group. Under 13 athlete Emma Christophers has made great progress in her 13 months in the sport and is now featuring regularly among the place getters in that division. The Under 14 boys is also a strong group with any of 5-6 athletes able to win titles in that group and many of them with great skills for junior athletes.<br /> <br /> Our younger athletes in the Juniors are still learning and developing their skills but are a committed group who love competing across the events.</p>1518087600 Otago Senior and Junior Champs Daily Lifeguard Patrols Conclude<p>Daily lifeguard patrols finish today, Friday 26 January.</p> <p>Week day patrols were staffed by regional lifeguards provided by the Dunedin City Council and the lifeguards experienced a busier than normal summer thanks to the warm fine spells experiened.</p> <p>Weekend patrols continue until the middle of March, up to day information will be available via the <a href="">St Clair SLSC Facebook page</a>.</p>1516878000 Lifeguard Patrols Conclude Daily Lifeguard Patrols Commence<p>Daily lifeguard patrols start this Monday, 18 December with a full lifeguard service on duty Monday to Friday between 11am and 7pm and Saturday and Sunday between 12 and 5pm.</p> <p>Week day patrols are staffed by regional lifeguards provided by the Dunedin City Council and the Patrol Captain for this group is Mikayla Garforth. She is supported by other lifeguards from the SLSNZ Professional Lifeguard Group.</p> <p>Weekend patrols are volunteer members rostered on a monthly basis. Some of our weekend patrol hours will be modified on Christmas and New Years day; up to day information will be available via the <a href="">St Clair SLSC Facebook page</a>.</p>1513508400 Lifeguard Patrols Commence Update on Beach Conditions<p>The voluntary lifeguard patrol season at St Clair Beach is now underway and with a settled prediction for this summer expectations are that beach use will be high.</p> <p>Lifeguard patrols are currently running 12 to 5pm on Saturday&#39;s and Sunday&#39;s with a supervised and safe swimming location expected at St Clair Beach unless the lifeguards have deemed the conditions unsafe for the public. You can tell if conditions are deemed unsafe if the club is flying a Red Flag.</p> <p>As with all patrolled beaches through the country St Clair has it&#39;s own unique elements that can create dangers for beach users and also the setting of a safe patrol area.</p> <p>To assist the public with having an understanding of beach conditions when there are no lifeguards on duty, St Clair will be displaying the club Beach Conditions sign directly outside the club on the Esplanade, with details about lifeguard patrol hours and any particular dangers at that time.</p> <p>You can also check the weather, surf prediction, tidal predictions and water quality tests via our <a href="/st-clair-weather" data-object-ref="scm_sub_page_content:6">St Clair Local Weather Conditions page</a>.</p> <p>If you are unsure about how to stay safe at the beach this summer, you can visit <a href="">Find a Beach</a> for tips on surf safety.</p> <p>For anyone interested in research in this area. Identification of rips and their behaviour is an on-going project and intaitives such as the release of dye in to the water to track movements or the more high tech such as the partnership between <a href="">Surf Life Saving New Zealand and Emsisoft</a> are helping lifeguards to greater understand and predict water movements in our environment.</p>1510743600 on Beach Conditions Resumption of Tomahawk Patrols<p>St Clair SLSC working in conjunction with our neighbours St Kilda Surf Life Saving Club will extend lifeguard services this summer to the popular Tomahawk Beach.</p> <p>In what will be a joint initiative between the two clubs, full lifeguard services will be available over five weekends in early-2018. The initiative will be supported through resourcing being provided by Surf Life Saving New Zealand.</p> <p>The development of the initiative has been led by Chair of the Local Lifeguard Committee, St Clair&#39;s own Cameron Burrow, working in conjunction with the President of St Kilda, Peter Gibbons and the Chair of St Clair, James Coombes.</p> <p>The weekends where services will be available are:</p> <ul> <li>6-7 January</li> <li>13-14 January</li> <li>20-21 January</li> <li>27-28 January</li> <li>3-4 February</li> </ul>1510570800 of Tomahawk Patrols Vacancy on Executive Committee<p>A vacancy has arisen on the Club Executive Committee for the position of Club Secretary.</p> <p>The Secretary works closely with the Chairperson and Treasurer to ensure the smooth running of the club.</p> <p>General responsibilities for the Secretary are:</p> <ul> <li>Club correspondence, including emails</li> <li>Keeping full and correct minutes of all the Executive Committee and all general meetings</li> <li>Keeping a register of all resolutions made by the Executive Committee</li> <li>Advising the membership all matters of general interest arising out of the minutes within 7 days of each meeting</li> <li>Keeping a register of members. Including an up to date list of; joining date, qualifications, membership classification and other pertinent facts</li> </ul> <p>Anyone intersted in this role please contact Club Chair, <a href="/club-committee-details" data-object-ref="scm_sub_page_content:7">James Coombes</a> for further details.</p>1510570800 on Executive Committee